Pool Safety Covers

There are several brands of pool covers called “Safety” covers available to the consumer. Each brand differs in material, strap design, anchors and warranty. Most of the higher priced covers are true “Safety” covers; which means they can support a heavy load, i.e., snow, ice, animals, people. Your pool professional should be able to provide you with the pros and cons of these covers to allow you to make an educated decision when purchasing a cover for your pool.

K&M POOLS has been providing their customers with MERLIN brand safety covers for many years; to the satisfaction of their customers.

Below is an image of a car that was accidentally driven onto a 40’x80’ pool covered with a MERLIN Dura-Mesh cover. The Driver walked away without injury. Now that’s a safety cover!


MERLIN Industries was founded in 1988 and has since become a leader in the manufacture of Solid and SmartMeshTM safety covers, among other products, i.e., pool liners and spa covers. MERLIN Industries is located in its technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Hamilton, NJ.

In 1992 they were the first to manufacture a true “safety” rated “solid” cover and have recently introduced a lighter, stronger, solid cover called XLS. The solid cover provides the same fit and look as the custom mesh cover with the benefit of clean, clear water in the spring. The Solid XLS cover is constructed of 11.5 oz. vinyl coated polyester material, and requires the use of an automatic cover pump to remove surface water from the cover. The cover warranty is direct through MERLIN Industries with a 10 year Limited Prorated Warranty and the RULE pump warranty is for 3 years direct through ITT RULE Pool Systems.

MERLIN’S SmartMeshTM cover is 40% lighter than the solid cover, provides 100% shade, and has 40 micron filtration of debris. This allows your pool to open clear; as opposed to other mesh covers that do not filter light and open green. The SmartMeshTM warranty is direct through MERLIN Industries with a 15 year Limited Prorated Warranty and is constructed with a patented mesh which provides 100% shade without the weight. Proper winterizing chemicals should be added for maximum algae protection.

All MERLIN safety covers are made with heavy-duty, triple-stitched straps that criss-cross the pool surface and stretched tight by tension springs that are anchored into the deck. Although lightweight, MERLIN webbing has a break-strength more than three times the government standard. The cover is connected into your pool decking (either into concrete or pavers) by stainless steel tension springs that hook over machined-brass anchors which are set flush in your deck.

Which cover is better – Solid or SmartMeshTM?

Both covers will keep your pool “safe” and your pool water clear – so which is better? The SmartMeshTM cover is a good choice for very large pools and for people who don’t keep their pools open all summer. However, with the SmartMeshTM cover your pool water will be clear but unbalanced due to the rain water that goes through the cover. The Solid cover keeps the rain water out of the pool (water is automatically pumped off the cover, as needed, with the cover pump) so your pool opens clear and less unbalanced. Your pool professional will be able to discuss in detail the pros and cons of both covers based on your pool.

SC-Solid SC-SmartMesh



Here’s an example of a pool covered for the winter with a solid cover and that pool when the cover was removed in the spring. This solid cover had a tree branch fall on it during a winter storm which made a hole in the cover. Due to the hole in the cover, some leaves got into the pool BUT the water is clear!!!!!


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