Pool Liner Replacements

K&M POOLS uses only top quality virgin vinyl liners produced by leading liner manufactures, e.g., PREMIER (by Latham International) and MERLIN Industries. Premier liners are made from the finest virgin vinyl available, are treated with special fungicide to inhibit bacterial growth and are smooth to the touch and easy to clean! MERLIN liners are constructed with U.S.A. made vinyl which provides extra U.V. and antibacterial protection.

These companies have production processes that produce the liner to the exact specifications of your pool, making your liner fits properly, as well as accurate and timely ship dates. However, the most important factor in using these companies is their warranty policy.

At the time of the liner sale, we provide our clients with actual liner samples, not just pictures in a brochure, so they can see the exact color and feel the texture of the vinyl. All our pools are measured by our staff. After the pool is measured, we create a “drawing” or “AB plot” of your pool based on the measurements. The drawing is then sent to the liner manufacturer for liner production. The liner measure is critical for proper liner fit: proper liner fit not only makes the pool look good but extends the life of the liner.


Step one.
Measure pool
Create pool sketch or AB plot
Send pool sketch or AB plot to liner manufacturer

Step two:
Liner manufacturer produces the liner

Step three:
Liner is received from the manufacturer
Liner installation is scheduled

Step four:
The water is removed from the pool.

Step five:
The old liner is removed.


Step six:
The pool floor is prepared for the new liner.
This process varies with each job, depending on the type and condition of the existing pool floor.
This example is a sand floor that needed complete repair.

The pool floor is ready for the new liner.




Step seven:
The new liner is installed.


Step eight:
Vacuums are placed between the pool wall and the liner.

Step nine:
Start adding water to the pool.

Step ten:
Stop filling the pool when water reaches the "mark" in the shallow end of the pool.

Step eleven:
K&M Pools returns to the job and removes the vacuums.

Step twelve:
Add water to the pool until it reaches normal height (middle of skimmer).

Step thirteen:
Water level is monitored for 24 hours (to ensure no water loss due to liner defect)

Step fourteen:
Skimmers, Returns, etc. are cut out and pool is ready to run!

Here's a completed liner change and concrete change sample:



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