Pool Leak Detection and Line Replacement

K&M Pools can find leaks using several methods. The selected method is based on the amount of water loss in a certain period of time and whether the loss occurs with the pool running or not running.

Leak detection is done with the services of a diver, pressure testing the pool lines, and/or checking pool plumbing connections, or the use of Tone Testing equipment.

When possible, liner leaks are patched to extend the life of the liner. However, when leaks are caused by broken lines, a damaged/broken skimmer or skimmer neck connections, the repair is more difficult and of course more expensive.

To avoid skimmer and skimmer neck damage, chlorine tablets should not be left in the skimmer when the pool is not running. The high level of concentrated chlorine that builds up in the skimmer when the pool is not running damages the skimmer unit and its pipes. In addition, to avoid line damage, you should always have your pool winterized professionally. Of course, no one can control damage caused by bugs or tree roots.

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