Safety Covers

Today there are many brands of safety covers available to the consumer. K&M Pools recommends the MERLIN brand.

MERLIN covers are manufactured with materials to withstand the elements and are better supported over their lifetime. Their covers are custom manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, objects and unique configurations without on-site additions that could compromise quality and safety. Covers are manufactured completely with U.S.A. made materials and components that exceed industry standards; have unsurpassed thread and webbing strength, brass anchors and powerful stainless steel tension springs. In addition, they are manufactured locally in New Jersey!

Pool owners often ask us which type of safety cover should they buy and why. We recommend the solid cover with the cover pump as our first choice because the pool opens the clearest with this type of cover. However, for those very large pools, or those pool owners who do not want the cover pump, we suggest the SmartMeshTM cover. Our staff will be glad to help you make a cover decision.

The following pictures show some of K&M Pools installed MERLIN Safety Covers:


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