Pool Equipment


K&M POOLS can assist you with all your pool equipment needs. Over time, it becomes necessary to replace existing pool parts such as motors, pumps, filters, heaters, etc. that wear out. Equipment type depends on your pool type and size.

In addition to replacing equipment, K&M POOLS can also replace piping connections to your existing equipment, known as “clean up”.


K&M POOLS services all brands equipment. We repair equipment when possible, or when cost effective to do so. We replace equipment when existing equipment cannot be repaired.


We also provide a service to “clean up” the above ground old pipe connections and install new valves. Over time, these become rotted from the weather and chemicals.

When necessary, we can change existing pipe connections, or add connections when new equipment is installed.


The following is an example of a 2 pump 2 filter system with heater:



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