New Pool Installations

The installation of a new pool is a tedious process. Once the homeowner decides on the type of pool they want and the location of the pool, the project begins.

  • Step one: Homeowner selects pool type and location
  • Step two: Contracts are signed and sub-contractors are selected
  • Step three: Permit applications are submitted
  • Step four: Permits are granted
  • Step five: The pool excavation begins (the dig)
  • Step six: Pool construction begins:
    • Pool walls are constructed
    • Pool collar is poured
    • Pool plumbing is installed
    • Pool equipment is installed and connected to plumbing
  • Step seven: Required inspections take place, and upon approval, construction continues.
  • Step eight: Pool floor is constructed
  • Step nine: Pool liner is installed
  • Step ten: Water is added
  • Step eleven: Pool runs!
  • Step twelve: The final step is the installation of pool decking around the pool and the waterfall (when selected).

The length of time required to construct a new pool varies based on the type of pool and the completion of inspections. In most cases, the delays are caused by the inspection process.


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